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The Wireless Whiskers cat feeder is a sophisticated pet feeder that works automatically. The portions are controlled to help keep your cat on a restricted diet. The unique design ensures your cat can not gorge on all of the food at once.

The system works with a wireless tag attached to the pet’s collar. This unit activates the pet feeder, but the Wireless Whiskers will only open if it is activated during one of the scheduled feeding times. Another unique feature is that feeding times for up to eight pets can be programed into the unit. This means that each cat must have its own tag. The tag records the cat’s eating habits and can be programmed to suggest the proper portions for the cat’s weight and size.

The unit can also be used with small dogs, but since dogs and cats can not eat the same type of food, you should get a separate unit for each pet.



  • How much your cat eats is recorded and proper portions are calculated automatically.
  • You can divide the daily rations into meal sized portions by times intervals.
  • Works with electricity and uses 4 D sized batteries for back up.
  • Can be used for cats and small dogs.
  • Pets are not able to steal food from another pet.
  • Up to eight cats can use the same feeder.
  • The smart portion control allows you to effectively put your cat on a diet.
  • Individual stats are kept for each pet using the feeder.
  • You are alerted when your cat is not eating as much as he should.
  • Prevents the bad habit some cats have of overeating and then vomiting because they have eaten more than they can handle.
  • Special feature shuts down the feeder over night, if you wish, but since most felines are nocturnal, you may want to reverse that to stay closed during the day.
  • The feeder can be manually or automatically set.
  • Comes with two tags that can be programed to welcome your pet by name.


How the Wireless Whiskers works

The Wireless Whiskers Autodiet cat feeder uses a wireless tag attached to the pet’s collar. The bowl holding the food is covered by two small transparent doors that automatically open when activated by the tag, if it is activated at the time of a scheduled feeding. Once the daily or scheduled feeding has been consumed, the doors automatically close.


Options for setting the Wireless Whiskers feeder

Automatic: The doors on the bowl open automatically every time your cat comes near, up until the daily amount of allowed food has been consumed, or if an uninvited pet is detected. This is the recommended setting when there is only one pet using the feeder, or in the household.

Advanced: The doors are set to open when the cat scheduled for a feeding comes near. Cats not due to have a feeding can not open the doors. This setting is recommended if you use the feeder for more than one cat. The feeder comes with two tags, for two cats, but you can buy more tags to accommodate up to eight cats.

Always open: The doors on the feeder are always open to allow your cat to eat as much as he likes.

Always closed: The doors on the feeder are always closed, so your cat only eats when you open the doors for him manually.



  Cat gets its daily food allowance automatically.
  Portions can be set to dispense once per hour, every four hours or once every 24 hours.
  Autodiet wizard establishes how much your cat should be eating by monitoring and recording your cat’s eating habits over a three day period and calculating the optimum amount of food for the size and weight of your cat.
  You can set the portions and scheduling manually.
  Doors close when a pet not programed to eat comes near the feeder.
  Alerts you when your cat is not getting enough food per day.



  Quite expensive for a pet feeding bowl.
  The collar tag is a bit heavy for smaller cats or dogs.
  Cleaver cats are able to get around the doors and sneak extra food.
  The screen pops off easily.


Tips for using the Wireless Whiskers Autodiet

  • Do not put the cat feeder on a metal surface.
  • Hand wash the feeding tube because it is not safe in the dishwasher.
  • Make sure the collar on your cat is loose enough for the tag to contact the dish.



This is a super intelligent invention that can really help you keep your cat’s weight under control. With the rising problem of obesity in pets, this is the ideal solution for optimum weight and good health. However, the Wireless Whiskers Autodiet is quite expensive.



Hey! Please comment and share with us your experience with the Wireless Whiskers feeder. Tell us what you liked and what you didn’t like. Was it what you expected? Any tips for new users?
Any comments would be highly appreciated and would help others to decide!


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6 Responses to “Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder Full Review

  1. By: Sid Martin
    Date: May 2, 2014 at 7:16 am
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I was hesitant to buy this product primarily because there weren’t any reviews at the time, and the feeder is quite pricey. But once it arrived and I started using it, all I could think was why in the world hasn’t anyone invented this sooner?!

  2. By: Joan Linds
    Date: May 15, 2014 at 6:45 pm
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    Feeding my cats now only takes me about five minutes per week. I like this machine. I am so glad I finally found a product that does what it says is will and helps keep my cats healthy! So thanks for the review which lead me to buy this feeder.

  3. By: Marg
    Date: July 29, 2014 at 1:04 pm
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I really like this product! My cats are greedy little critters. They will eat until they puke if you let them, so I can’t leave a dish of food for them to snack on during the day. This feeder solves that problem. By controlling portions, and always feeding them at the same time of day, they have learned how to eat healthy.

  4. By: Mark
    Date: November 17, 2014 at 9:53 am
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    What a great product. I have three cats using the feeder. Each one gets the right portion, at the right time. No more fighting over food because the tags tells each one when it is his turn to eat. Feeding my cats has never been easier

  5. By: Alex
    Date: February 25, 2015 at 12:35 am

    This product doesn’t work for every animal. The return policy is to kill any chance of refund. The company is a bad company to work with. Try other solutions before wasting a large sum of money on something like this. No stars from this unhappy consumer.

  6. By: Lindsay
    Date: August 24, 2015 at 9:34 am
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    I bought this feeder as a gift for a friend. I was so embarrassed when I found out her cat had the thing broken within a week! Cheaply made, but definitely not cheap to buy. For such an expensive feeder, you would expect it to last longer than a week.

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