Best Automatic Cat Feeders Reviews in the UK


1. Andrew James 6 Day Meal Pet Feeder

andrew-james-feeder1The Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder serves six meals. You can program the unit to open the compartments as often as you like. You can feed your pet once a day for six days, or three times a day for two days. It can be used for dogs, cats, rabbits or any other similar types of pets. The sturdy construction guarantees years of worry free use. It is powered by four C size batteries, which are not included. It comes apart easily for easy cleaning. You can record a 20 second message that plays back at feeding time.

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2. Andrew James 90-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

andrew-james-90meal4The Andrew James 90-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is designed to make your life easier. The large hopper holds 45 cups of dry dog, cat or rabbit food. Meals can be programmed to dispense up to four times per day, at any time you choose. The tamper proof lid and specially designed chute prevents your pet from helping himself to an extra snack, and the smart sensor will not let the feeder tray overload. You can record a personal message for your pet that plays back at feeding time.

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3. Petmate Programmable Pet Feeder

petmate1The Petmate Portion Right Programmable pet feeder is the perfect solution for people with busy lives. It is very easy to programme and the large sized hopper holds enough food for weeks. It is battery operated. The three D sized batteries have a long life, and replacing them is as simple as removing one little screw. Portions are controlled to ensure you pet is never under or over fed, and you can set up to three servings per day. The neutral design will fit nicely into any décor.


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4. Pet Mate C3000 Automatic Pet Feeder

pet-mate-c3000The Pet Mate C3000 automatic pet feeder provides portion controlled feedings to your pet up to three times a day. Additional meals can be programmed in between regular servings, meals can be pulled up early or you can programme multiple small meals at specific intervals. Whatever eating pattern your pet needs, the Pet Mate can deliver. It is the easiest, most efficient way to ensure your pet is always fed on time. The unit is powered by 4 C sized batteries, so you can set it up where ever it is most convenient. The 3 kg hopper holds enough food for several weeks.


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5. PetSafe 2 & 5 Meal Pet Feeder

petsafe1The PetSafe automatic pet feeder in available in two sizes – 2 meal and 5 meal. The 2 meal version has slightly larger dishes which are individually programmed with a dial timer. The lids open at the set time. The 5 meal model is programmed with a push button LCD control panel. The first tray is open for an immediate feeding. At the next scheduled feeding time, the tray rotates to expose the next tray. Both units are battery operated and made with durable polypropylene.





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