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Andrew James automatic pet feeder is ideal for cats, small dogs and rabbits. It holds six servings of dry or moist pet food. So, if your pet eats once a day, it will last for six days. The more meals per day your pet eats, the more often you will have to refill the bowls. The unit is fully programmable to open the next bowl at a pre-selected time.



The Automatic Pet Feeder Can Make Your Life Easier


The unit measures 12.75 inches in diameter x 5 inches high (32.4 x 12.8cm) which means that each bowl holds about two cups of food. You add the food manually, so you can control portions by adding the amount of food you want your pet to have at each feeding. On the control panel, set the time of day you want the unit to open the next feeding bowl. The first feeding can be immediate, or delayed to a time you specify. The control panel also allows you to record a 20 second message that plays back at feeding time. Experts agree that pets that hear their owner’s voice at feeding times reduces some of the stress of being left alone.


The unit is made of durable ABS plastic, is available in granite and dark blue, and comes apart easily for cleaning. When you put it back together, make sure the top is locked in place securely. The programming is simple, but the first few times you may need to consult the instructions. It uses four C size batteries, which are not included. The low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace the batteries.


Drawbacks of the Andrew James Pet Feeder

The feeder has to be reprogrammed each time you fill it, it doesn’t hold the programming from one cycle to the next. This can be very bothersome at first, but once you understand how it works, this isn’t a problem any more.

The voice playback isn’t very loud, but cats and dogs have very sensitive hearing, so this isn’t really a bad thing. You don’t want your pet to think you are yelling at him.



Tips for Proper Use and Care

  • Wet food will get moldy, especially in hot weather. If you plan to be away for more than a day or two, you should use dry pet food to make sure your pet doesn’t get food poisoning.
  • Always clean the bowls thoroughly before refilling to make sure there isn’t any bacteria buildup that can harm your pet. This is especially important if using wet pet food because it can go bad quite quickly. Make sure the unit is turned off before you remove the trays and when you refill the dishes.
  • Test the unit before leaving your pet alone. The feeder can frighten the animal if he doesn’t understand what it is or what it does. You also want to make sure that the trays open on time and open properly.
  • Lock the lid down securely or your pet will be able to remove it, or the trays won’t open at all. The batteries will last a long time, but always keep a close eye on the low battery indicator to make sure there is enough power to keep the feeder running while you are away.


Questions People Have About Andrew James Pet Feeder

  “It says it is a six day feeder, but there are only six bowls. How can it feed for six days?”

It says six days, but that is assuming you only feed your pet once a day. It only holds six meals. The more meals per day your pet eats, the fewer days it will last.

  “Is there a compartment for ice to keep moist food fresh longer?”

No, this unit doesn’t have that feature. However, if you want moist food to stay fresh longer, you can freeze the food itself. It will usually melt before mealtime.

  “Does one tray always stay open?”

No, you can pull down the lid so that the feedings begin as scheduled. However, once the first feeding is complete, the tray does stay open.

  “I feed my cat about a quarter of a cup of food, twice a day. Do I need special trays or bowls for this?”

No, you don’t need any special trays or bowls. Just fill the tray with as much food as you like, and program the unit to feed twice a day.

  “Can this feeder to programmed to open two compartments at once so that both of my cats can eat at the same time?”

No. Only one compartment will open at a time. If you have two pets, you should buy a feeder for each one. This will ensure both pets get enough food.



andrew-james-feeder4The Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder is a great value for the money. It only serves six meals, so you can’t be away for long, and it has to be reprogrammed each time you fill the compartments, so it’s not as convenient as some feeders. But, the voice recording is a nice touch, and very comforting to your pet. It can only be used by one pet. If you have more than one, you should buy a unit for each one, but at this price, that’s not a problem.

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2 Responses to “Andrew James 6 Day Meal Pet Feeder – Full Review

  1. By: Janet B
    Date: December 29, 2014 at 11:33 am
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    This feeder is very easy to set up and extremely easy to use. It works great, and you can’t beat the price. I am so glad I choose this feeder, and my cat loves it too, which is an added bonus!

  2. By: James F.
    Date: August 18, 2015 at 9:39 pm
    Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Value for Money

    My cat got used to it right away! I loved seeing the expression on his face the first time he heard my voice. It’s not good for wet food because it doesn’t keep it fresh, but it works perfectly with dry food. I can now go away for a few days and not worry about my cat going hungry

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